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Dr. Eugene Clinic is a progressive medicine enterprise dedicated to healing and excellence. We mobilize doctors practicing natural and integrative medicine and train medical students to be leaders in putting patients over politics on the pressing issues of the day to improve the health of our patients, communities, and nation. 

Our Mission 

We strive to create Excellence in patient care as well as certifying internationally trained medical professionals.


Our Vision

We aim to play a leading role in healthcare quality. Our team provides comprehensive and compassionate healthcare services and products.


Our Values

We honour individuality, empower people through open and honest communication and strive to earn the loyalty of every person we serve.


We care and share with our clients. To do so, we practice integrative medicine and apply non-invasive methods.....


Education is the key to eradicate diseases. We provide education towards people with a passion for being healthcare services providers..... 

Wellness Products

The diversification of our products offers an array of wellness items that supports one's well-being using both internal and external methods.....

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Taking care of your health

We Assess.

We provide free assessment and consultation for first time patients. We are passionate about the health and wellbeing of each and every individual.

We Treat, Naturally.

We recommend lifestyle changes, quantum energy medicine,  no-pain acupuncture, high quality supplements, and other health related products.

We Educate and Inspire.

We educate and inspire people to get involved to become healthcare professionals, who in turn help others to overcome or cope with illnesses to improve their quality of life.

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