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Sleepm Biocrystal Pillow

The Sleepm Biorystal Energy Pillow corrects the old, traditional faults of those pillows that don’t properly support the head, and helps to maintain the health of the cervical spine.

  • The unique shape and design of the pillow edge, effectively supports the cervical spine, and the flatness and firmness of the pillow maintains the correct cervical curvature which helps prevent cervical spondylosis, or wear and tear on the neck.

  • The rear of the skull has a slightly lower resting point, which is designed to make the head and neck more comfortable during sleep.

  • As the pillow has different heights on either side, this allows users of different sizes to choose the most comfortable side to sleep on.

  • Both sides of the pillow core are designed to be slightly higher, so that the upper body weight is shared by the head, neck and shoulders when sleeping sideways, thus avoiding shoulder pain.

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